Malcolm Ballard, the owner and president of The Ballard Group, Inc in USA, had a proven success with its product SALMATE® in his home market in USA, and in Australia, Sweden and United Kingdom.

His question :  How can I repeat this success in more regions ?

Success story


He wanted to take the product global via a distribution channel network and create a global image of the company.

  • Act as Global Marketing Advisor for TBG and Partner in TBG
  • Analysis and identification of the priority markets to go to in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America
  • Set up of distribution channels
  • Filing of registration dossiers in each country
  • Providing strategies and tactics for marketing and sales appropriate for each country
  • Global branding of company and product
  • Participation as exhibitor/visitor in all major global exhibitions (eg. IPPE Atlanta, USA 2012, Victam/FIAAP Asia,Thailand 2012, World Poultry Congress, Brazil 2012, Eurotier, Germany 2012, IPPE Atlanta, USA 2013, VIV Asia, Thailand 2013, IPPE Atlanta, USA 2014)
  • New design of brand website, brochures, packing materials, complete new house style, new slogan (

What did we achieve together between start in January 2012 and end 2013?

  • appointment of distributors & successful registrations in 10 countries in Asia and 1 country in South-America
  • appointment of myself for master distribution in Holland, Germany, France, Czech Republic
  • appointment of distributor & successful registration in Russia, Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey
  • we completed totally new branding of SALMATE®, embracing life
  • we managed so far to more than double the volume compared to 2011 thanks to all the developments in these new markets, and the future looks very promising as key markets representing large volumes are to be tapped into as of 2014…

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