Johan De Schepper, CEO of Nuscience Group, was looking for proven expertise on developing business in Asia for functional feed ingredients, as this business unit needed to expand fast in these high growth economies.
Later on he wanted to have an experienced guide to bring the Nuscience Marketing&Communication department to the next level.

Succes story


Nuscience Group wanted to have a clear view on the strengths and weaknesses of the existing distributors in the Asian region, and develop new ambitious distributors in the virgin Asian countries.

Subsequently Nuscience Group was looking for an experienced head to give the right direction to the Marcom department and bring the quality of Marketing & Communication for the Group to a new level.

Roles JJDB
  • Act as Asian Business Development Manager and as Group Marketing Manager for Nuscience Group
  • Analysis and identification of the priority markets to go to in Asia
  • Evaluate existing and set up of new distribution channels
  • Filing of registration dossiers in each country
  • Providing strategies and tactics for marketing and sales appropriate for each country
  • Global marketing, branding & communications of company and products
  • Distributor management in 10 Asian countries, and doubling of the sales volume in less than 2 years (while forecast for third year would mean tripling the sales volume in less than 3 years)
  • Setting up and executing an M3-strategy for Marketing&Communication : Mobilizing people, Maximizing value, Making the difference
  • Turning Nuscience from an inward looking company to an outward looking company : for example rebranding of the former business units PICC (Premixes, Ingredients, Concentrates and Concepts) and FFI (Functional Feed Ingredients) to Nutrition4U and Health4u by Nuscience.