Since your start in February 2014 we have taken major steps forward in Asia and with the Health4U business unit. Apart from this your contributions to the H4U as a team are really appreciated.

Katrien DeschepperCOO of Nuscience

With Jan-Jeroen heading our Marketing Department (since January 2016), we are capitalizing on his key strength for our company. Jan-Jeroen has over 20 years of experience in executive positions for leading companies such as Cid Lines, Impextraco and Kemin; and he has a broad network in the global animal industry.

Johan De SchepperCEO of Nuscience

In the late 90’s I was giving a lecture on international marketing to a group of SME-entrepreneurs. One participant was asking more questions than all the rest of the crowd combined. After the lecture he had even more questions to ask. This inquisitive gentleman appeared to be Jan-Jeroen – “JJ” as I came to know him later. This accidental meeting was the start of a highly gratifying professional relationship and friendship.

At multiple occasions we discussed business and other matters of common interest with an open mind and with the same inquisitiveness by which JJ had so strongly impressed me at our first meeting.

In time I discovered that JJ is one of these rare people who manage to multiply IQ with EQ – Intellectual Power with Emotional Sensitivity – to an exceptional level of excellence. That is what makes JJ such a highly performing executive. In every common undertaking I could appreciate how much his professional competence together with his enthusiasm had been the base for his successful track record.

Although during that lecture in the late 90’s I was the teacher and JJ was the pupil, I wonder till this day who in the meantime has learned the most: he from me or me from him.

Ward Roofthooft, Ph.DOwner of ERI-X

“For several years I made numerous attempts to develop a distribution network for our main product SALMATE®, outside the USA. Those attempts ended in minimal distribution overseas.

Two years ago Jan-Jeroen approached me and informed me that he had been looking closely at our product SALMATE®. He believed he could help both in the marketing and securing of overseas distributors. From that time onward, Jan-Jeroen became our Global Marketing Advisor, and immediately began to improve our company and product marketing image concomitantly with the securing of distributors in many parts of the world.

It has been a match made in heaven. Today, in only two years from the time we initially discussed the opportunities and tasks ahead, my company is well on the way to have active distributors on four continents, with solid sales and large future growth envisioned. If someone had asked me two years ago what I think we might have achieved, it would probably not be 50% of what Jan-Jeroen has made. It is a testament to Jan-Jeroen’s ability to ask the necessary pertinent questions to better understand what we needed and need to undertake as a company to move ahead successfully in this ever competitive environment. In addition, it shows what a true marketing and hard working person can achieve.”

Malcolm BallardPresident of The Ballard Group, Inc, USA, manufacturer of SALMATE® (December 2013)Salmate

“Grupo OX is a Spanish group of companies offering 100% biodegradable products for hygiene and disinfection as well as water treatment aimed to different markets such as animal health, food safety and environmental hygiene .

Although Grupo OX was already diversified and present in several countries around the world, we needed an active, positive, open-minded and hard working person very concerned about the environmental care as well as with solid knowledge about marketing in the international arena, who could help us positioning our biosafety solutions all around the world.

In a short period of time Jan-Jeroen has introduced Grupo OX products in several countries of the five continents, and therefore our percentage of international business has increased with his help.

Important goals have been achieved (position of our branding, new distributors appointments, new registration processes, etc.) that will let us grow during 2014. We are well aware of Jan-Jeroen’s intense work and dedication to Grupo OX which have meant our global presence increase without a doubt. Of course we count on Jan-Jeroen 100% to continue developing already made contacts as well as to obtain new contacts in new countries for our further mutual growth. We are confident 2014 will be our year with even bigger positive results on our sales increase abroad.

We can highly recommend Jan-Jeroen to any company which needs to start business around the world, being a great asset for any leading company”

Ana BernadCo-Owner of Grupo Ox, Spain, manufacturer of Ox-biosafety range (December 2013):Grupo OX

“True to your usual good academic/professional excellence, you have given me in a very concise but straight explanation the knowledge moving fast in the market. …Which ever way, we rely upon your usual expert ideas and knowledge having seen and felt your strong market ideas since the coming together of our companies .”

Mr Raymond Isiadinsodistributor for Grupo Ox in Nigeria (September 2013) Grupo OX

“Jan-Jeroen De Beucker was Global Marketing Director for Kemin Animal Nutrition&Health from March 2010 until September 2011. Jan managed a team of 5 Global Product Managers based in Belgium, Germany, India, Singapore and the USA. He also managed a Global Communications unit. Jan communicated clearly and frequently with the global team making sure that they prepared complete marketing plans linked to the requirements of the business. Jan is a visionary marketing professional who looks at the big picture with a strong eye for detail, and with a determination to consistently produce a high quality deliverable. His work was always thorough and complete. He has high integrity and is hard working with a flair and passion for marketing.”

John managed Jan-Jeroen at Kemin Industries

John SpringateManaging Director EMEA at Kemin Industries (October 2011)Kemin Industries

“I have learned to know Jan-Jeroen as a great marketer in a B to B environment.

Through his passion for marketing, he stimulates excellent thinking around the product, the services, the market and the customer.
He is a fine colleague to work with on a daily basis.”

Erik CreemersSenior Vice President Finance EMEA at Kemin Industries (October 2011)Kema Industries

“Jan Jeroen is a true professional. I know him from when he was responsible for the worldwide marketing of Kemin AgriFoods. His strategic vision and deep knowledge of the industry, combined with his commitment to achieve results was a real asset to the marketing team. When working with Jan-Jeroen, he was always clear about what he wanted, yet still open-minded for new ideas and opinions. On a professional level, as well as a personal level, Jan-Jeroen is a pleasure to work with.”

Alison was with another company when working with Jan-Jeroen at Kemin Industries

Alison AgrestiManaging Director at Act (November 2011) Act Agency

“An industrial marketeer / global business developer in one at the level of experience, succes and education as Jan-Jeroen De Beucker is a very rare combination.
We worked on several projects in a row and I really enjoyed our strategic and creative battles getting the projects we work on nailed right!”

Roderick was a consultant or contractor to Jan-Jeroen at JJ INTERNATIONAL LTD

Roderick LindnerFounder and driver of A41, senior business consultant for SME (March 2013)A41