Ana Bernad, Co-owner of Grupo Ox, Spain had a very innovative range of biosafety products  for animal health, very well supported with R&D and a technical team, and after 15 years achieved a leading position in the home market Spain, as well as in some other European, and African markets.

Internationalisation, a strategy for corporate growth that entails international diversification, was one of the main pillars of Grupo Ox.

Succes story


Grupo Ox predominantly wanted to expand into the South-East Asian region, as this was a totally virgin region for them.

  • Act as Master Distributor for the SE-Asian region through local office in Hong Kong
  • Act as Global Marketing Advisor for new markets in South-American and EMEA regions
  • Analysis and identification of the priority markets to go to in SE-Asia and South-America
  • Set up of distribution channels
  • Filing of registration dossiers in each country
  • Providing strategies and tactics for marketing and sales appropriate for each country
  • Global branding of company and key products
  • Participation as exhibitor/visitor in all major global exhibitions (eg. World Poultry Congress, Brazil 2012, Eurotier, Germany 2012, IPPE Atlanta, USA 2013, VIV Asia, Thailand 2013, IPPE Atlanta 2014)
  • New design of first ever global advertisement, creation of new company logo and slogan (

What did we achieve together between start in July 2012 and end 2013?

  • appointment of distributors & introduction of and/or successful registrations in all South-East Asian countries, in 3 countries in South-America and 2 countries in Africa.
  • we have established Grupo Ox as a leading and global player in the industry, under its new slogan “Pioneers in Protecting the Future”
  • we managed so far to achieve repeat sales in different countries in SE Asia and Africa, while we are anticipating to obtain final registrations and sales in all further countries during 2014.