I am an expert in guiding innovative manufacturers to new markets.

If you have a new natural product that you wish to share with customers around the globe thanks to a strong distribution network with local partners, then learn here which unique approach I can offer to reach your target in an accelerated way.


You have innovative, natural products which provide true value for customers in the feed, food, biosafety and veterinary industries.


For manufacturers from Europe, North- or South-America, or Asia with a local, regional or limited international reach.


Because you look for opportunities to develop your business in rapidly expanding feed, food, biosafety and veterinary markets (like eg Asia Pacific, or Latin-America).

Because you want to go global, and expand your geographical market coverage into new regions with strong local partners who provide a high level of service.

Because you want to develop your business through proven strategies, marketing and branding.

And you and your company’s team wish to leave the beaten track and reach your objectives of internationalization in a faster way.


I reduce your time to market with an average of 5 to 10 years.

I am an expert guide and specialized in the introduction of new products and technical concepts in the global feed, food, biosafety and veterinary market place, quickly and consistently.

I work hand in hand with manufacturers to guide and support the development of their global brand, marketing and commercial strategy implementation throughout the world :

  • from feasibility analysis of products
  • across definition of the distribution channel and support of the product registration
  • to strategic marketing, sales and technical support of product itself.

I have solid business relationships in 5 continents, consisting of a wide network partnership with :

  • first class specialized and experienced distributors in individual countries
  • major key-customers
  • global media and promotion channels

Setting up an eye catching professional looking booth in international exhibitions, giving an impressive presentation on the product and the technology, developing a winning brand platform, hosting you professionally in any type of event, day and night, and in any culture, about all this : I know how.
I break down cultural, linguistic and market barriers.

I build cultural bridges between people and companies to create business development and export opportunities for your company.

I offer a great ease of communication and am able to communicate in 7 languages.
I establish a relationship of trust and transparency for marketing and selling products solidly and safely.

I am the key to unlock the potential of new markets and distributors for your benefit and your customer’s benefit.

Innovative products

What products am I looking for ?

They should be :

  • Natural
  • Innovative
  • Unique
  • Better
  • Useful
  • Proven

Targeted for the feed, food, biosafety or veterinary industries.

Examples of manufacturers and products which have given me the drive to wake up every morning and building my vision to embrace life in this growing world are :

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