aboutMeI am a passionate and detail-oriented New Business Developer, with 20+ years of experience developing new international markets and distribution networks across all 5 continents.

As a skilled communicator, my strong leadership ability and capacity to implement strategic marketing and business initiatives benefits companies across widespread international networks. I have a proven ability to train and lead cross-functional teams, drive visibility, and accelerate profits for new and existing brands and companies.

I worked as Export Manager, Regional Sales Manager and International Area Manager for several leading companies in the agribusiness in the 1990’s, such as CID Lines (Belgium) and KELA Laboratories (Belgium). From 1999-2010, I worked as the Global Business Unit Manager for IMPEXTRACO, a leading manufacturer & worldwide distributor of feed additives in Belgium. Between 2010 and 2011, I was the Global Marketing Director for KEMIN Animal Nutrition&Health, a market leading US feed additive company. During this time period, I earned several certifications for strategic marketing skills at prestigious international business schools such as Harvard (USA), Insead (France) and Vlerick (Belgium).

On my LinkedIn page you can read more details on my experience :

Capitalizing upon my strengths, I set up my own business venture in 2012, based in Belgium and Hong Kong. My record of success and expertise as a strategic marketing and sales expert in agribusiness with specializations in nutrition, biosafety and veterinary pharmaceuticals is an ideal background in today’s fast paced business environment for any company in this field wishing to accelerate growth.

I have a widespread knowledge of agro-business worldwide. The manufacturers and distributors in the industry are the reason why I get up every morning : together embracing the life of animals and people in this growing world, through innovative natural solutions offered to the global marketplace by ambitious local distributors. This partnership secures very strong growth for both the distributors and the manufacturers.

I am an expert in dealing with cultural affinities in international business settings. I am convincing in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Body language. This enables me to share knowledge globally and to apply solutions locally.

I share my drive and passion for sales and marketing with my other passions : Traveling – Hatha Yoga – Swimming – Open Water Nitrox Diving – Real estate in Indonesia and the Belgian Gin Club.